This week (week 4) was an interesting one because I feel like not a lot of new material was introduced. It seemed to be a follow-up of last week. Nonetheless, I have some good experiences with the activities we did and the assignments we had to complete. The coolest thing this week was interviewing someone who hires other people. For the assignment, I was able to interview my grandmother, Blanch Linton. She is always someone that I have looked up to. And, it was really cool to see her through a more professional lens and be able to hear about her experiences. I was really impressed with the things she has accomplished and the influence she has had on students and educators, not to mention her own employees, for her entire career. She taught me a lot about the importance of breaking down walls to really get to know someone. She pointed out that most people’s real personalities are covered up by a facade and nerves and if you are ever going to find the right person for the job you have to take the time to get to know them. I also realized during the interview how hard and exhausting interviewing can be. She shared with me some of the negative experiences she’s had with potential employees and former employers. She emphasized the importance of honesty and transparency in all things. Beyond what she taught me about how to hire someone, she taught me things to do to prepare for interviews to do my best. From her, I discovered how important it is to be confident, never cocky. Take time to prepare for the interview by creating a complete resume, doing research on the company/unit beforehand and coming prepared with questions. It was a very positive experience and I walked away having learned a lot.

The team activity this week was also really great. After talking with everyone over Google Hangouts and getting to know everyone a lot more, I am really excited about my group. I think we have the best one! What made the activity such a great experience was that everyone was motivated to do their best and willing to participate. The hardest part about teams and groups is when you have someone who doesn’t respond or pull their own weight. I did not feel like my group had anyone like that. What is really refreshing about group work in nursing school is that we all are driven to do well. Everyone does their work and does it well. This activity was no different. The last two activities were I think the most thought and conversation provoking. When it came to picking who would be on the boat, there were easily some people that we all said, “absolutely, yes, they should be on the boat”. But there were others like the doctor and the Jewish man that we had to really think about. The last activity also surprised us because we did not get the order correct as individuals or as a group. But it was interesting to find that we scored a lot better when we worked as a team. As individuals we did not do well at all. But as a group we were pretty close. That simply goes to show how valuable group work is and sharing/accepting opinions of others. We did have some differing opinions but there was never contention. Everyone respectfully offered their opinions and we discussed differences of opinion. We were all able to come to conclusions and everyone seemed pleased with the outcome. 

As mentioned in my post about the interview, I am not in a leadership position so hiring someone is not something I will be doing anytime soon. But, what I can do is volunteer and talk with my manager about maybe participating when he hires new people. I can apply some of the things I learned from my grandma into that situation. What I think is most pertinent for me to utilize now is becoming the best candidate for the job. I need to make sure my resume is updated and solid. I also can work on my confidence now when meeting new people and trying for new opportunities. I think I can also help new employees feel comfortable in their transition because it is never easy. Another important thing for me to do, is not complain about group work any more, at least with my group this semester. My group really surprised me with their willingness to work and complete the activities. It gives me hope that actives and assignments in the future will be just as successful.

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