reflection a week late

When it comes to ethics there are so many different opinions on every subject and things can get heated quickly. In the world of healthcare there are so many ethical dilemmas that we see everyday. Sometimes it takes 1 or 2 people or parties to solve the issue. Other times an ethical committee will have to come together to make incredibly difficult decisions that go beyond those involved. But that is what they are there for. In certain situations there my not necessarily be a right or a wrong. Some issues may result in one outcome and a similar issue may have a completely different result. Regardless of what the issue or outcome is, there must be mutual respect for what people feel, believe and decide on. We all have different life experiences that have shaped our beliefs, because of that each of us has a valuable perspective. Ethical issues will always cross our paths and as such we must be prepared to deal with them.

During the team discussion this week I was slightly worried that things might get a little bit heated. When ethics are involved, no matter the subject, opinions can differ immensely across the board. I thought everyone picked really important issues when it came to the issues they see in healthcare today. I chose to talk about participating in abortions when its against a nurse’s will or beliefs. I thought some people maybe might not agree because they either support abortion or think that because we are healthcare workers we are obligated to serving our patients. But everyone could agree that we can respect the rights of our patients but the tings we do should not infringe on our own personal beliefs. As healthcare workers we have rights just like our patients do.

When it comes to my own personal nursing practice, the best thing I can do is know where I stand on the issues. There are so many ethical dilemmas that surround the healthcare world, and there will continue to be. I know what I believe and I know what I will and won’t do. I just have to develop the confidence to do so. I can be shy and intimidated in front of others, especially large groups of people because of that it is imperative that I develop the strength to stand for myself. Working in a career that requires I give so much of myself, I must be sure not to compromise myself in that service or process. By learning of the issues and standing for myself I will be able to contribute to the ethical issues that cross my path and help find a solution. Now I will be in certain roles or positions where I must defer to a committee or maybe my opinion is not appropriate to give. But in all situations I am an advocate, whether it be for my patients or for myself. I will not be able to solve or decide on the ethical issues all the time or maybe not quite yet. As I learn and grow in experience and in life I will continue to develop opinions and beliefs that will help determine the course of my career.

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