the future of nursing

This week the biggest thing that I learned is that the future of nursing is bright and that there is hope. But, most importantly, I realized that the future of nursing is now. There are plans and things that need to be implemented now to make nurses and the field of nursing stronger so that patients can receive the very best care. This will take time and a lot of hard work but after all, nothing is worth having unless you had to work to get it. I learned from Dr. Gonzalez that nursing is heading towards nurses practicing to the full extent of their education and training, nurses should work towards and achieve higher level of education and training while participating in residencies programs with each new job/transition and nursing should also allow nurses to be full partners with physicians in practice and in redesigning healthcare in the US. In order for all of these things to happen the plan that she outlined must be implemented and followed. Nurses must start attaining higher levels of education and engage in lifelong learning. Nurses must rise up to the occasion and becomes leaders on their units and in their fields. And ultimately nurses must participate in improvement efforts and lead change to advance healthcare. By doing all of these things people will see how valuable nurses truly are. I believe these goals these goals are attainable because we are already working on them. Her plan is all about strengthening nurses and expanding their roles where they are at now. Nurses receiving lifelong education and participating in leadership are great things to work towards. The plan is about making  nurses a vital leading role in healthcare instead of just followers and I think that is great.

The group discussion this week was great because it allowed me to realize and pick up on things that were mentioned in the videos that I did not initially hear or make connections with. For example, Dr. Gonzalez says that the future of nursing is here should put some pressure on us. I think that was her intention. We have to start implementing this plan yesterday because things are rapidly changing and if we want to be part of the change and trajectory we need to do things that will make us stronger, better nurses and help the overall field of nursing. Also, someone pointed out that we are in the position and have the power to put pressure on decision-makers. I think that sometimes we fall into the trap of just doing our jobs and forget that we are the ones in the ring working hands on and hearts in with our patients and their families. We have to deal with the challenges and shortcomings in the nursing field. Thus, we are the ones with the hands on experience to fight for the changes we want to see. That means we have to put pressure on those who can actually make the decisions to see those changes.

The best thing that I can do in my own nursing practice right now is to learn everything I can. As a new nurse, when I signed on with IHC I agreed to get my Bachelor’s degree by July 2021. That is exactly what I am doing now. Because the new norm is for nurses to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree I believe more will strive for even higher education than that. Right now my goal is to get my Bachelor’s and get good experience. Then, maybe after a few years I will consider more advanced education. There are also many education programs and requirements that nurses do every quarter to ensure they are always learning. I do those as well. Each quarter I re-certify my CPR training. Additionally every quarter there are education modules and trainings that I complete to make sure my skills are evidence based and that I am practicing at least to par. Doing all of these things will help me advance my learning and contribute to the plan now. I have also joined different committees on my unit to help participate in decision making to help improve my unit overall.

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