reflecting on strengthening change

This week, the most prominent thing for me was the “Who moved my cheese” video. This had a great effect on me. It is a powerful analogy and working through life and adapting to change no matter what kind of life you are living and pursuing. After watching the video, I  realized that I need to adopt attributes of all of the characters. Hem and Haw understood that having a loving family with a good home life was most important, which is how I feel as well and one of the things that motivates the most in my life. They were driven by their emotions, which is me as well. Sometimes that can be a strength, while others time it can be a weakness. For me it is important to have my priorities straight and always remember what is most important. But at the same time I have to learn how to adapt to change and overcome. The mice recognized that change is something that is inevitable. I always try to live my life learning how to adapt to change. I want to be open to change. I need to always be hustling and trying to improve. 

The group discussion was also very interesting because we all identified with the same two characters, Hem and Haw. Though both of those characters had positive attributes we all wished that we also had some of the attributes of the mice. It was almost like we all wished we could be the mice. But I think we were all able to recognize that having different people in our world allows us to learn from others. It allows our world to be diverse. We all have different experiences that contribute to who we are and the lives we have. If we take the opportunity to get to know people and take their advice to improve our lives, we will all find our reward. We have to figure out our priorities and learn who we are so that as we make choices and have experiences we will be able to deal with the change that has the potential to strengthen our worlds. The discussion this week was great and gave me a lot of insights. Like I said, getting to know my team members and their perspectives I was able to learn things that strengthen my world.

The most important thing from this week that I can implement is the things I learned from the characters in “Who moved my cheese.” You have to always work for what you have and not “eat, drink and be merry.” Assuming that everything is always going to be okay, is not a good. Now, I’m not saying that you should be doom and gloom and negative about things. But, one thing that the mice did was that they expected a change or that the cheese would run out and when it did, they immediately started searching for me. They did not let the loss hold them back. Waiting around and not allowing change to motivate us, impedes our success and often times holds us back from true progress and happiness. If we all can do this, we will find the “biggest pile of cheese we have ever seen”. The reward will be greater than we ever had before.

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