Reflecting on Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is one of the most valuable and critical skills to develop in any aspect of life. Every class should have a unit on this. The reality is that when humans interact with other humans in any circumstance conflict can occur. People have different personalities and opinions that are shaped through their life experiences. When problems and situations arise people will want to respond according to their experience. That might not always be the right way. Because of this, conflicts will arise. How you respond to conflicts whether it be in an aggressive or assertive way can directly effect the outcome. It will either strengthen or weaken any relationship. The skills that you develop through your life to solve conflict you will carry through your whole life and use in all situations.

I really enjoyed the discussions this week about conflict resolution. Like I said above, everyone has different experiences that contribute to how they solve problems and we can really learn from each other. I learned that placing blame vs pointing out the problem is one of the hardest things to do. When we think someone or something is wrong it is really hard to inform them of the mistake without saying things in such a way that their guard it up. By stating how you feel about something as opposed to pointing a finger can completely change how the interaction will occur. I also learned that aggressive communication is emotion driven. When we lose logic and reason, emotions take over and things spin out of control. It is so hard to master assertive communication but it is vitally to maintaining a professional relationship that leads to a positive outcome. Pulling people aside and talking on a 1 on 1 basis first is the most important first step to conflict resolution. When accusing someone in a group setting things never turn out well, the accused will have their guard and defenses up because they will feel embarrassed. By pulling them aside the problem can be resolved without others having to know about it.

By remembering the things I learned in the discussion and the conflicts that I have had to solve throughout my life and so far in my work will help me as I face conflicts in the future. I need to implement using assertive communication and always avoid aggressive communication. I need to let logic and patience control my response and never let my emotions take control. Dealing with problems one and one will also help solve problems with others. If the problem cannot be solved one on one then it needs to be escalated.

Honestly, the collective bargaining assignment, I did not like at all. I am not quite sure how it relates to nursing and how it will help me long term. It was hard for me to figure out and I kind of felt like everyone wasn’t sure what the point of it was.

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