Week 11 Reflection

This week’s content was honestly not my favorite. Strategic planning is something I am not really interested in nor am I very good at. I am a planner and good at it when it comes to myself but when it comes to a larger scale situation or plan I’m not quite sure what to do or where to start. When I look at the list of things for successful planning I think I can do all of those things. The list includes things like starting at the top, keeping it organized, not bypassing levels of personnel, having short and long term goals, knowing when to plan and when not to, setting realistic dates, gathering data appropriately, and having clear objectives. I think where I get in trouble when it comes to strategic planning I may have false assumptions or getting distracted from the goal and planning too big. I am also very OCD and stubborn about things so alternatives are not may favorite. Delegation is another area in which I struggle and I know that delegation is vital for long-term strategic planning. Despite that, this unit was helpful for me to realize where my strengths and weaknesses are and what I can do to be a better strategic planner.

The group discussion was interesting this week. Everyone was on the same page about UVU’s need to get in the game and add an NP program. I too think it would be very valuable for UVU to have nurse practitioner programs. It seems that most of the NP programs in the Utah are in the Salt Lake Valley and because of that, if UVU were to add NP programs in would set them apart in Utah Valley. UVU should have acute care, critical care, family practice and pediatric (especially because of the rate of growth in Utah County) nurse practitioner programs to fill the need. There is such a huge need for nurses with advanced education degrees, such as NPs and MSNs. Furthermore, there is a huge need for nurse educators. If UVU were to add these programs they would be opening the door for nurses who have wanted to become NPs or MSNs to do so. UVU’s nursing program has a very good reputation amongst hospitals throughout Utah, as such, it would only make UVU more valuable to jump on the NP program train.

The most important thing for me to do to utilize the information I learned this week will be to practice and develop may strategic planning skills. I need to work on delegating more often. I find myself sometimes getting overwhelmed with the things I need to do so if I can figure out how and when to appropriately ask for help it will help me long term. I also should develop a strategic plan for myself and my career so that I can learn to stay focused on my goals and what I want. If I can do that then I can apply it on a larger scale. Motivation is another factor for me. When work gets hard, sometimes motivation is hindered. Remembering why I do what I do and my long term goals in the moment, my motivation will not hinder. Being flexible to change is another thing I can implement and work on everyday to become a better planner.

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